About Us

3tc Software is a leading provider of fully integrated, mission critical software applications to the UK public sector and global emergency services markets. We provide Command and Control, Computer Aided Dispatch, Patient Transport Systems, Mobile Data and Management Information System solutions. Emergency services rely on accurate information and communication in order to respond effectively to incidents. The performance and specification of systems used to perform these tasks are vital to fire and rescue services, ambulance and paramedic services, local authorities and airport authorities alike. 3tc Software have a comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements of the communications and information systems required within emergency services. Our customer service team focus on maintaining our various mission critical control systems, decision support applications and scheduling systems because we know how important working system are to our customers. Download our customer service charter here.

Empowering Emergency Services

New approaches to the way that essential equipment is procured, supplied and managed, together with advances in technology, means that emergency response teams are empowered to respond more effectively. We offer the finest solutions on the market which, together with our unique capability of integrating with any third party system, means that our software is definitely worth a second look.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise our responsibility to our employees, local communities and the environment. We continuously encourage all employees to acknowledge those responsibilities and to practice responsible corporate behaviour at all times. To find out more please read our corporate social responsibility statement.