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Ambulance dispatch software that will improve your performance

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You might be here because you’re looking for ambulance dispatch software that helps your organisation to become more productive. Or maybe you are wondering how ambulance dispatch software can optimise your performance by providing real-time reports. Whatever it is, we are here to help.

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Ambulance dispatch software that makes your organisation more productive

Our ambulance dispatch software not only allows you to easily assign clients to vehicles but also to delegate work orders to crews out in the field. Updates of new and amended jobs are automatically sent to your workforce, helping your organisation to minimise the numbers of aborted journeys.

The mobile option of our ambulance dispatch software allows your crews to constantly update their status: Have they picked up a patient? Have they arrived at the drop-off? Was a journey aborted? All relevant information can be updated frequently so that you and your drivers have total visibility of all current journeys.

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I want ambulance dispatch software that can optimise our performance

Optimise your patient transport business with ambulance dispatch software that keeps your crews on track and on time. We at 3tc Software developed ambulance dispatch software, which enables your operators to know when drivers have finished their tasks so they can then be assigned to a new journey if required.

Our ambulance dispatch software is customisable to meet the unique needs of your patient transport organisation. We developed an intuitive system that allows you to easily plan all your patient journeys. Modern icons help you to easily find and access all required functions.

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I’m looking for real-time ambulance dispatch software

Because real-time reporting creates transparency and helps you to secure future funding it is vital for patient transport organisations. Ambulance dispatch software operators are presented with an up-to-date view of all operations, able to locate and track vehicles, patients and crews.

Your vehicles’ location is shown on maps and you will instantly receive real-time reports. Our ambulance dispatch software also includes KPI reporting and allows you to analyse all collected data in real-time; helping you to optimise your patient transport processes.

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I need ambulance dispatch software that can deal with our complex daily processes

We developed ambulance dispatch software that is capable of dealing with the complexity of real-time patient bookings, helping you to allocate clients to available vehicles. Our ambulance dispatch software is able to take various factors into account such as the category of a booked journey, patients’ needs and their contract types. Combine several patient bookings on one vehicle and save mileage, time and money with our ambulance dispatch software.

Our solution also features an easy to use web application. Through this application users can access the ambulance dispatch software via the internet to book, amend or cancel patient journeys. As a result, phones, fax or email are no longer needed to manage patient journeys. With our ambulance dispatch software you will be able to decrease the numbers of abortive journeys, which will maximise your resources and help you to achieve operational excellence.

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