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Hi, welcome to 3tc Software. You have landed here form Google because they think that our Guardian Command is just what you are looking for – and they are right.

You might be here because you need command and control software that helps your operators to manage incidents more efficiently. Or maybe you are wondering how Guardian Command can increase performance by providing state of the art address management. Whatever it is, we are here to help.

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Guardian Command offers complete flexibility

Guardian Command gives you the flexibility to locate secondary servers where you wish as it can operate from either local or geographically separated data centres.

Our Guardian Command allows for complete flexibility in the number and locations of control room workstations. With Guardian Command control rooms can be located at sites separate to data centres and support virtualised views of the system, enabling multiple agencies to operate of the same infrastructure.

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Guardian Command fully supports operators

Guardian Command is designed to support your control operators and to streamline the way control rooms manage incidents, performance and resources. Thus, Guardian Command ensures users can do their job more effectively as its focus is on the operator.

Due to increased flexibility, Guardian Command enables operators to perform their duties significantly faster. For example, call taking and address matching using Guardian Command allows operators to identify locations faster and more accurately. Thus, Guardian Command minimises the stress experienced by operators when assisting emergency calls.

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How Guardian Command facilitates incident management

Our Guardian Command offers an end to end user interface. Guardian Command can provide support to operational personnel by providing the right information at the right time. A further benefit is that Guardian Command is able to queue and batch mobilising management during spate conditions.

Moreover, Guardian Command provides operators with action and risk plans, intuitive incident lists as well as the option to monitor the progress of all incidents.

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Guardian Command enables efficient address management

When developing Guardian Command we made sure that our software is able to reduce operator stress and anxiety through increased, more accurate verification of addresses.

Guardian Command is able to search as the operator types. The full premises address search option enables Guardian Command to find the correct address considerably faster as it allows for spelling mistakes and wrong order of address details. Additionally, large volumes of data within Guardian Command optimise location matching.

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