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Hi, welcome to 3tc Software! You’ve landed here from Google because they think that our medical transport software is just what you’re looking for – and we are pretty sure that they are right! You might be here because you’re looking for medical transport software that will ensure your customers are happy. Or maybe you are wondering how medical transport software can help you to reduce costs and perform better at the same time. Whatever it might be, we are here to help. Find out more about our widely used medical transport software here or give us a call now on 01455 826 400.

Medical transport software that will make your customers happy

Increasing the reliability and flexibility of your service is vital when trying to improve customer satisfaction. With our medical transport software you always know where your vehicles are. Now you can not only monitor their location and movements on a map but also their availability. Then there are patients who call in last minute, asking for a transport. What to do with them? Late transport requests are usually hard to handle and might force you to turn patients down … which is the last thing you want to do. That is why our medical transport software includes an option that allows you to easily handle those late requests. No more delays, no more rejections. Make your customers happy today. Show me how to make customers happy NOW.

I want medical transport software that saves me money

Using our medical patient transport software will help you to deploy your vehicles and drivers more efficiently, which means you can easily reduce your overall operational costs. Journey costs will be minimised with a medical transport software that allows you to optimise patient pick-ups and drop-offs. I want to save money NOW.

I’m looking for medical transport software that increases efficiency

Do you feel too many staff spend too much time on planning, booking and reporting tasks? With the help of our medical transport software you’ll be able to complete these tasks faster and with less workforce. Now you can automatically collect real-time performance data and use your medical transport software to monitor all important data such as arrival times, departure times and fuel consumption. Increase my efficiency NOW.

I need medical transport software that makes bookings very easy

Are you tired of creating reoccurring patient journeys again and again? You can change that today. With our medical transport software you only enter those details once and your customers’ journeys are automatically generated on scheduled days. There are even more advantages: Our medical transport software not only gives you the ability to quickly create new patient journeys and edit existing ones but to easily manage late bookings. Get me a free demo NOW.

Can medical transport software create real-time reports?

It can! With our medical transport software you have total visibility of your organisation. Easily create detailed reports on anything that is important to your organisation. This could include patient drop-off and pick-up times or the length of time patients spend in your vehicle. We included this option into our medical transport software because we know how vital real-time reporting is for your organisation; it creates transparency and helps you to secure future funding. Show me how it works NOW.

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