Meet your KPIs and drive down cost

  • It does the lot – end to end solution
  • Highly configurable (hundreds of settings)
  • Intuitively presents a highly complex model
  • Seamless integration with your system

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Don’t take our word for it:


NSL Care Services

“3tc Software’s Meridian is an integral part of our business; we could not function properly without it.”


Bristol Ambulance

“The Meridian system has helped improve the efficiency of Bristol Ambulance EMS and allowed us to provide an even more responsive service.”


London Ambulance

“The Meridian system has enabled us to tighten up on our plan and dramatically improve our efficiencies.”


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All our software has been developed to achieve one aim – increase efficiency. We employ technical expertise to write software and design end to end systems but it’s integrating these into complex environments that truly separates us from others.

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Whilst you may not have in your environment everything from3tc Software’s extensive portfolio, we know you will want all your systems to work seamlessly together. Because we do so much, we understand this challenge and are equipped to help you deal with it. Whether you have skilled technicians in-house or not, we will support your needs if and when required.

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With a mobile workforce effective communication is key. You don’t want your system to be clogged up with data or errors to occur from voice messages. Our communication products are designed to facilitate the smooth transfer of information and ensure you communicate with your workforce at all times.

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