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Hi, welcome to 3tc Software. You have landed here from Google because they think that our mobile data system MODAS is just what you are looking for – and they are right.

You might be here because you are looking for mobile data software that provides automated updates. Or maybe you are wondering how MODAS can help you improve your decision making en-route. Whatever it is, we are here to help.

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MODAS enables automated updates

MODAS completely automates the mobile data terminal (MDT) update process. As long as the latest data is in the correct location, data changes will be picked up automatically. Thanks to MODAS any data changes will then be pushed out to all your MDTs.

Furthermore, MODAS can perform remote software updates and upgrades on your MDT, saving you a considerable amount of time.

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How MODAS can improve your decision making

We understand that improving your planning and decision making en-route is vital, which is why MODAS allows crews to share information with other vehicles.

MODAS enables users to be aware of any relevant location based information to facilitate the allocation of resources. Using MODAS allows crews to respond to incidents faster, which can ultimately save people’s lives.

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MODAS enhances your crews’ safety

MODAS is a high performance mobile data system that delivers operational efficiency through the use of robust real time communications and access to risk critical data. MODAS also increases situational awareness en-route to incidents and at the incident ground.

MODAS integrates business-critical operations within FRS environments in order to streamline attendance times and enhance the safety of your fire crews attending the incident.

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MODAS automatically locates vehicles

We know that being aware of who your support is and where it is located is crucial. For that reason MODAS allows users to automatically locate the position of their brigade’s vehicles, enabling them to assess incidents before arrival. Thus, MODAS is able to provide your crews with that all important lead.

Altogether, MODAS shared location based information enhances the decision making process within the CAD environment and within your organisation as a whole.

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MODAS ‘move incident’ option

MODAS provides your fire crews with the option to move the location of an incident. Since the address given to crews by Command and Control is not always 100 per cent accurate this feature of MODAS can save lives. It enables the first vehicle that arrives on scene to communicate with other crews; i.e. showing those still en-route the exact location on their MDT.

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