Geode: Address Matching

Geode is used extensively by Fire and Rescue Services to cut down on address matching time and to increase accuracy. Geode significantly improves the underlying location matching process to yield gains in speed, efficiency, risk reduction and general user experience. It is based on a completely new approach to location matching that overcomes all the weaknesses of previous search techniques.

Geode simply searches as you type, providing a continuously updated list of possible matches, allowing the operator to stop when they have a match rather than having to continue and type everything in. Geode’s search algorithms depend only on finding some content that matches and it doesn’t matter where errors are. This creates a highly efficient and successful search process.

The most important difference between Geode as a search engine and other products is that Geode will find an address based on how much of what has been entered is correct. Geode doesn’t care which part of the address is correct and it doesn’t really matter how correct. As a result, Geode shortens the search process and reduces the risk of incorrect matching.

Geode enhances your efficiency and excellence:

  • It doesn’t rely on the operator getting particular bits of the address correct
  • It doesn’t rely on the operator telling it what to try and when to search
  • It doesn’t care which parts of the address you get wrong
  • It doesn’t need address elements to go in the right field
  • It doesn’t require anyone to modify the gazetteer to help find things

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