Asset Management

Revolutionary software that records and tracks assets to facilitate the administration and management of equipment and personnel.

Asset Tracking utilises Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and antenna to track personnel and equipment.

Designed to facilitate real-time, accurate and traceable asset checks, it also guides users through required maintenance checks and records their actions.

Issues such as missing workforce and items as well as overdue maintenance are automatically escalated via email and real-time on-screen reporting.

We also offer a fleet management and a warehouse management module.

Increase efficiency and excellence:

  • Risk critical testing and maintenance of equipment
  • Intuitive, ergonomic and non-ambiguous Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Automatically generated and instantly accessible, customisable reports
  • Read numerous tags simultaneously via RFID or barcode scanners and voice recognition
  • Automatically re-schedule tasks according to their completion date
  • Full historical audit trail of assets

Cost savings:

  • Optimise your inventory
  • Reduce the total number of maintenance personnel needed
  • Read many tags simultaneously
  • Calculate maintenance costs of assets to demonstrate asset efficiency or need for replacement

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