Fire Hydrant Management

A powerful business tool, enabling the entire management of fire hydrants. Our Fire Hydrant Management is the most powerful of its kind, allowing you to manage the entire life cycle of fire hydrants. Developed in conjunction with Shropshire Fire and Rescue Services, Fire Hydrant Management is a flexible and feature rich solution, supporting office based as well as point of inspection data entry.

Fire Hydrant Management contains all tools required for the management of fire hydrants. This completely removes the need for data to be held in and referenced from different data sources, which will increase your efficiency significantly.

Fire Hydrant Management key features and benefits:

  • Management of new mains scheme developments and mains rehabilitation schemes
  • Management of private hydrant ownership and related inspections
  • Management of Open Water sources
  • Budget management: The on-going spend can be managed and monitored, possible savings can be demonstrated
  • Flexible, easy to use, intuitive solution
  • Variety of options and platforms available
  • Storage of photographs and documents
  • Easily update and review your operational status
  • Map-based
  • Electronic defect reporting
  • Enables hydrant technicians in the field to capture data and updates the central Fire Hydrant Management database accordingly


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