IRS Plus: Incident Recording Software

Simply puts the incident at the centre and links all other information to it.  

Our IRS Plus holds full Communities and Local Government (CLG) accreditation and is a complete solution to FRS incident data recording and reporting. This gives each FRS total control and access to their incident data prior to submission to the CLG.

IRS Plus is a more flexible incident recording alternative to the CLG system. Successfully established in the Emergency Services Sector, IRS Plus is a customisable Incident Recording System that delivers timely, professional and meaningful data.

With IRS Plus, your incident information remains on your site, allowing you to analyse your data with your own tools and to integrate the data into other systems. You can also tailor the form to meet your requirements, including options to hide CLG questions that you aren’t interested in and to add your own questions.

IRS Plus’ key benefits:

  • Increased productivity for fire fighters
  • Enhanced incident reporting options
  • Pre-populated from your mobilisation system to save time and increase accuracy
  • Fast, easy to use web based solution
  • Easily collects and analyses the information required to manage your FRS
  • Data captured is controlled and owned by you, both supporting CLG and your own unique Fire & Rescue Authority management reporting needs

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