Meridian for Non-Emergency Transport Services

In times of constrained budgets, providers of ambulances, patient transport, local authorities, special needs, home to school transport and fleet logistic operators need to manage operations efficiently.

Scheduling and controlling the delivery of time critical transport must be optimised to ensure that you offer the best possible service for the lowest possible cost.  We can help you do this and gain the competitive edge in winning new contracts, with Meridian.

Our solution:

Meridian is a suite of applications delivering operational efficiency through the use of integrated, real time communications and web applications. Meridian helps drive down costs by maximising resources whilst providing control room staff with information critical to delivering high quality service. Already provided throughout the UK, Meridian software is second to none in achieving operational excellence and reducing costs.

Meridian increases your efficiency and excellence:

  • Maximise fleet utilisation – view your vehicles on a map to easily see their location and if they are available
  • Ensure your control room staff are always informed
  • Multi contract client eligibility compliant – Meridian holds different eligibilities and applies them accordingly
  • Produce reports quickly and easily

Meridian helps you to decrease your costs:

  • Reduce your numbers of booking staff
  • Maximise your fleet utilisation
  • Automated reports saving time, allowing you to manage your KPIs

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