Meridian Auto Scheduler

Revolutionary software automating the booking and planning of non-emergency transportation.

“The Meridian Auto Scheduler does in half an hour, what it takes half a dozen planners all day to do. This innovation could prove invaluable to our organisation’s efficiency and profitability.”                                               (South East Coast Ambulance Services)

We designed Meridian Auto Scheduler to aid planners performing their tasks of assigning patients to vehicles to be transported from and to hospital. Auto Scheduler ensures your KPIs are being met and creates exceptional efficiency that can result in a reduction in the number of required vehicles and crews.

Meridian Auto Scheduler automatically maximises your vehicles’ capacity by always considering first a vehicle that has already work allocated to it over one that has no work attempting. Auto Scheduler can be seamlessly integrated into your current Meridian system.

Meridian Auto Scheduler increases your efficiency and excellence:

  • Optimise your performance by smoothing demand and ensuring accurate staffing
  • Meet your contract KPIs with just the right level of assets
  • Vehicles will not wonder too far, ensuring easy return to the station

Meridian Auto Scheduler helps you to save costs:

  • Maximise available resources: no wastage of either staff or vehicles
  • Reduce the total number of required vehicles and crews
  • Minimise mileage whilst getting patients to appointments on time

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