Meridian Web: Online Non-Emergency Bookings

Access Meridian Web via the internet or on a tablet to make, amend or cancel a client’s journey.

Meridian Web eliminates the use of telephone, fax and email bookings, minimises abortive journeys and helps you to maximise your resources. Users can access key stats, reports and dashboard performance displays. Meridian Web can also be accessed by your clients who can have their own user profile.

Meridian Web increases your efficiency and excellence:

    • Reduce the time spent on control room queries by providing web based information
    • Eligibility for transport rules applied at the point of booking
    • Remote users are automatically linked to specific contracts

Meridian Mobile helps you to decrease your costs:

    • Reduce the number of staff needed to collect transport requests
    • Provide secure access to your clients to keep them up to date without taking up your staff’s time
    • Tighten up your transport plan by minimising abortive journeys and waiting time

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