Meridian Command: Scheduling Software

Used by public and private ambulance services as well as local authorities, Meridian Command schedules and controls a fleet of resources to manage time critical transportation.

Designed for mission critical operations, Meridian Command can be deployed in 24 hour, 365 day control centres.

Operators can customise displays to suit their needs and our flexible user interface can fit across multiple monitors. Meridian delivers real cost savings by utilising your resources more efficiently as well as by incorporating reporting tools, allowing you to measure and demonstrate your KPIs.

Meridian Command increases your efficiency and excellence:

    • Automatic scheduling module to plan activity
    • Planning toolkit to plan future demand
    • Real time monitoring of activity against planned transport times
    • Easy management of late transport requests

Meridian Command helps you to decrease your costs:

    • Reduce your staff whilst maintaining productivity
    • Reduce your data entry time and paperwork
    • See the location of your resources and clients on a map in order to utilise best match

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