Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management allows you to collect operational risk information (using a PORIS compliant scheme), conduct fire safety audits and carry out job management functions. 

Using the web application, users can enter and manage information gathered during these audits, which can then be shared with all mobile terminals ensuring crews have access to risk critical data at all times.

Our system is hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing a cost effective, reliable and scalable solution.

Key functionalities of Operational Risk Management:

  • Operational Risk Auditing – Record operational risk audits of locations
  • Fire Safety Auditing – Record fire safety audits of locations
  • Community Fire Safety – Record fire risk and safety related engagements with the public
  • Job Management – Track tasks through the system with options to delegate to other staff
  • Performance Management Reporting – Monitor staff performance
  • Mobile Device Support – Use the system on a compatible browser on any device with internet access

Key benefits of Operational Risk Management:

  • Fast access to information out in the field
  • Reduces delays in providing risk data to operational crews
  • Eliminates the need to re-enter information
  • Increases the amount  of prevention activities
  • Reduces data entry time and paperwork
  • Automated assessment prompts
  • Unified data source

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