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Transport Software – How to improve patient transport

Hi, welcome to 3tc Software! You’ve landed here from Google because they think that our transport software is just what you need – and they are right!

Are you here because you want to provide your patients with the best service possible and need the right transport software to do so? Or maybe you were looking for transport software that improves communication within your patient transport organisation. Whatever it might be, we are here to help.

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Transport software should facilitate our processes

We can only agree with that, which is why we provide a solution that makes the management of patient transport very convenient. Thanks to the development of modern technologies we can offer you transport software that enables you to quickly handle bookings and enquiries. Our transport software allows you to manage even high demand efficiently and to co-ordinate multiple patient journeys.

We can offer you a tailored, high-quality solution, which also enables you to customise your transport software. Personalise your display so you only see what you need and want to see, avoiding any confusing extras that aren’t used.

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I need transport software that is flexible

Flexibility is vital when you want to respond to patient’s changing needs instantly; for example the management of late transport requests, changed pick-up or drop-off times and cancelled journeys. Our transport software enables you to respond to those changes quickly so every patient gets a comfortable transport from and to their appointments, eliminating long waiting and transport times.

Providing patients with the best possible service that also meets their medical and mobility requirements is vital for your organisation’s success. Using our transport software helps you to ensure that all your patients experience a safe, punctual and pleasant transport.

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Transport software that improves communication

The amount of patients requiring transport is increasing continuously. This leads to a rising pressure on your organisation and a need for reliable transport software. There are various factors that can influence the performance of patient transport businesses, with communication being one of the most important ones.

Inadequate communication can lead to poor documentation, transport delays and higher numbers of abandoned journeys. That is why we developed transport software that will help your patient transport organisation to communicate well. Our mobile option ensures adequate communication through continuous real-time updates. Our transport software instantly provides your crews with all the important information they require, such as pick-up and drop-off times, cancelled journeys and staff availability.

The web application can be accessed by your workforce and patients so both sides have total visibility about transport times and delays – allowing real-time communication that will ensure your patients are ready for their pick-up and your crews are aware of any cancelled transports as early as possible.

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How transport software can make your clients happy

Do you also think that late transports are inacceptable? We understand that you want your patients to be happy, which is why our transport software helps you to be on time. It enables you to monitor your vehicles’ movements and locations on a map, allowing you to deploy empty vehicles to new transports.

We even included an option into our transport software that makes sure you can easily handle last-minute transport requests. Our transport software also gives you the ability to quickly edit existing journeys. Use your resources more efficiently and increase your numbers of performed patient transports by reducing not only delays but also the amount of patients you have to reject.

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