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Easily demonstrate the safe running of your campus

We have been providing incident management software for more than three decades and recently realised that the clever way that we simplify this process could benefit other industries.

We supply one of the most user friendly and comprehensive systems on the market. Why not see how it could save you time and resources while carrying out your duty of care.

Allowing users to demonstrate their duty of care procedures as well as documenting incidents and responses for future reference.

Our system allows you to configure it yourselves, adding in additional questions, removing ones that you don’t require and re-wording or re-ordering the whole system to speed things up for the operator.

Also store additional documents, files and pictures alongside the relevant incident enabling you to find everything related to an incident all in one place.

Ability to create a unique dashboard on the home screen to show an amalgamation of the data that interests you the most and keep on top of any SLA’s or reporting requirements.

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