Incident Recording

for Higher Education

Easily demonstrate the safe running of your campus

3tc have decades of history in providing incident recording solutions. IRS Pro is the latest offering providing powerful technology to put you in control of the system; allowing you to capture, report & analyse all incident data.


Whether it is Higher Education, Manufacturing, Stadiums and Arenas, Local Government or Security – we all have a duty of care to record incidents. Handle, record and deal with incidents correctly and effectively at the time, by having the tools to learn and make improvements that reduce incidents or the impact of incidents.

Allowing users to demonstrate their duty of care procedures as well as documenting incidents and responses for future reference.

High Quality Incident Recording

Capture the right information by creating different forms, fields and workflows for each type of incident.

Busy people cannot afford to spend an endless amount of time completing incident forms, consequently quality of recorded information can be a big concern. Existing forms can be too generic, meaning you do not get the consistency of data required.  IRS Pro validation and verification rules help you obtain the required data on every incident form.

Further improve quality by independent review of the completed incident forms – our workflows let you add a quality audit stage to make sure the information recorded is consistent and accurate.

Attaching Files

Often an incident report will have supporting information such as photos, statements or CCTV footage. Attach and link any documents to the incident entry to form part of the incident record. All the relevant information is stored within the incident – meaning you no longer have to search for ad-hoc files or documents.


Quick and easy access to the incident information is vital, not just for internal reports but also for external inquiries from law enforcement or FOI requests.

IRS Pro allows you to analyse the information with a built-in reporting package – producing tabular data or charts quickly and easily.

If you need to share information or analyse it in different systems, you can export the data in open formats such as CSV and PDF.

Once you have captured all this data, you can then use this information to make strategic business decisions moving forward on staffing & prevention strategies.


Sometimes reports are too heavy weight when you just want to know what is going on. Our Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of your incidents, their progress and trends as well as quality overviews.

If you need further information, it allows you to dive deeper into the data directly from the dashboard.

Daily Logs

Share information with your team members, make reminders or share intelligence. Include details of things to be on the lookout for, especially during shift changeover. Making sure your whole team is up-to-speed with the latest information is important – Daily logs provides a central place to share that information.

Security and Audit

The system stores sensitive and personal information – IRS Pro allows you to control who can see what information, and who can edit the information.

Should there be concerns around information access at any stage, it is critical that you can identify who has edited the information at any point. Our audit facilities allow you to track the complete edit history of an incident record.


Watch this space for future modules, which include:

  • Lost Property – log items with tags to easily search
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Location/Venue Floorplans
  • Command and Dispatch – CAD functionality from our established Guardian product within the Emergency Services



When choosing which University to go to, safety and security is always high up the list from both prospective students and their family.

Ensuring Universities have the right systems in place to capture and report on incidents, means you can spot trends and ensure incidents are responded to quickly and efficiently.

Powerful reporting ensures you can easily extract the information you need; this is critical when using this information for making strategic business decisions.


Internal and External Securities companies love IRS Pro, as not only does it help them quickly and easily record all the relevant information – the powerful reporting tool allows them to justify extra staff and investment costs to their clients.

Graphical dashboards give real-time information on what is happening across your client sites. Easily share this with clients to give them graphical data, which is much easier to digest and process.


Safety is critical within manufacturing. Ensuring you have the right tools to log incidents is very important. Notify other departments when raising certain incidents, meaning incidents naturally fall in line with your process & procedures. The system automatically logs all changes, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


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