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How has technology helped to transform the way Fire and Rescue Services operate?
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Our history in the Fire Market

1982 Our origins began when a Marconi project team developed an early Command & Control system. 3tc MOBS was developed for London Fire Brigade.

1990s 3tc MOBS rolled out for provincial FRS use and 35% of all 999 fire calls in England were routed through our systems. First to integrate mobile data with MOBS. First to deploy MODAS with GSM Comms.

2000 Initial demonstrator of Geode launched. First to integrate Airwave into MOBS and ICCS.

2003 Launch of Fire Control project means that FRSs will all be using a pre-determined mobs system.

2005 3tc Software's MOBS continues to be used by existing UK FRSs. Guardian is targeted at overseas FRSs. Geode is now in widespread back office use.

2010 Geode in use taking emergency calls in a regional control. Cancellation of Fire Control project means that English FRSs are once again looking for feature-rich competitive mobs systems. MODAS Pro rolled out.

2011 Guardian Fire developed and launched from the tried and tested 3tc MOBS system. Over 1,000,000 emergency calls located using Geode.

2012 Guardian Command launched in .NET/Windows. A fully integrated system which signifies a step-change in modern mobilising systems, this is a ground breaking end to end command & control system.

2013 First deployments of Guardian Command rolled out in the UK. Extended functionality of MODAS throughout our user base.

2014 Strategic re-positioning of the business portfolio to further explore international opportunities.
Acquisition of SSI Solution’s intellectual property, enabling the business to offer well-established, complementary products to existing and future customers.