System Integration

for fire & rescue

Effective integration between new and legacy software

Any software you buy from us will no doubt form part of an overall business process within your organisation and effective integration between new and legacy software is vital. We guarantee we can integrate our software into your existing systems and using our own in house experts to build the necessary interfaces.

Our software delivers all this and more.

We guide and advise you once we understand your requirements and your infrastructure.

We’ve done this hundreds of times before so we know what works and what doesn’t. We can design the architecture and outline development requirements and timescales. We will also manage the implementation using our team of expert project managers.

Our teams have been integrating and supporting products in mission critical environments for over 30 years and will support all integrations on clients preferred SLA’s if required.

We provide:

  • consultancy
  • design
  • development
  • implementation

For scenarios where clients or prime contractors want to perform their own integrations we can supply our own fully documented and supported application programing interface (API’s) to allow third parties to develop integration functionality themselves.

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