Control Room Solutions

for Fire & Rescue

A full end to end control room solution

  • A full cloud based solution
  • 30 years experience developing and supplying CAD systems
  • New system built on knowledge from ex-control room staff
  • A solution based on operator needs
  • A system that works seamlessly across all features

Our software delivers all this and more.

Designed to enhance and streamline your process

Used by Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Services in the UK and internationally, Guardian Command is a state of the art, modern Command and Control system for emergency services Control Rooms.

Guardian Command is designed to enhance and streamline the way Control Rooms carry out their duties with a view to help the emergency services to do their job more effectively.

The focus is on giving the Control Operator the flexibility to perform their duties with the minimum of steps. For example, Guardian Command uses Geode, enabling Control Room staff to identify locations faster and more accurately. This minimises the need for data cleansing and lowers the stress felt by an Operator when assisting emergency callers.

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Guardian Command functional highlights:

  • Easy construction of action plans
  • Pre-determined attendance and policy management
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Geode: Effective and efficient address management
  • Resource respond management
  • Incident management
  • Increased performance and efficiency

Guardian Command main benefits:

  • Resilient enterprise level database replication features using industry standard infrastructure
  • Deployment options that offer flexibility for local installation or hosted environments
  • System integration using open standard interfaces such as web services
  • Modern toolsets

Trusted by many of the UK’s emergency services

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