Control Room Solutions

for Police

The control room of the future

  • Developed to meet the unique requirements of a Police Control Room
  • Sophisticated solution, handling a high volume of calls, triaging the varied nature of incidents
  • Allocates appropriate resources
  • Dedicated team to ensure that this multifaceted solution is resilient and efficient

Our software delivers all this and more.

  • Fully integrates to your existing systems (PNC, Niche RMS, Firearms etc) to facilitate necessary quick searches and allow the smooth transfer of data
  • Adheres to National Call Handling and Incident Recovery standards
  • Incorporates Resource Dispatch Management functionality following predefined rules for status change
  • Allows efficient incident transfers following MAIT protocol
  • Integrates with live video feeds from CCTV, drone footage, body worn cameras etc
  • Fully integrated with Service Directories providing specific service type searches
  • Geo-fencing facility with integrated mapping to make your resources aware of local information related to their proximity

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