3tc Software is a leading provider of fully integrated, mission critical software applications to the UK and global emergency services.

Control Room Management

Guardian Command provides ground-breaking control room functionality. We have a proven track record of working with organisations following tender award to deliver the exact feature set required on time and to budget. This is no easy task given the complexity of the system but we understand that exceptional software saves lives. Have a look at the functionality we can offer for your industry.

Incident Recording Software

IRS Plus is a proven incident recording system successfully installed and used throughout the UK. Demonstrate your duty of care, fulfil your Government obligations, evidence your procedures in practice and ensure that your organisation is operating in the way it is required to. This software can do all this whilst saving you time and money. Have a look at the system developed for your industry below.

Mobile Data

MODAS is a suite of highly evolved products designed to provide field resources with live information about incidents, situational awareness and risks. Improve the safety of the public and your firefighters through better information, awareness and communication.

Incident Command

MODAS Incident Command delivers a shared, real-time common operating picture for incidents in a cost effective and efficient solution. This recently launched system was developed as a response to customers who wanted a better feature set for managing single and multi-pump incidents.

System Integration

Any software you buy from us will no doubt form part of an overall business process within your organisation and effective integration between new and legacy software is vital.

We guarantee we can integrate our software into your existing systems and use our own in-house experts to build the necessary interfaces.

Water Management

A powerful business tool, enabling the entire management of fire hydrants


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