Incident Recording

for Fire & Rescue

Data drives everything that we do and is behind every business decision we make

Data is more and more prevalent in FRSs and the more data that is gathered, the harder it can be to use in a productive way. So we decided to develop IRS Plus.

  • Accuracy of data is vital
  • Timeliness is critical
  • Auditing and transparency is essential

Our software delivers all this and more.

Our IRS Plus software gives you timely, accurate and usable data

IRS Plus is the premier incident recording and data collection application in the fire service. Trusted by over half of fire services to capture and analyse the information critical to driving their organisational strategy.

IRS Plus Functional Highlights

  • Add, re-word and re-order questions and validations easily meaning you can quickly collect new data in localised area’s to inform management planning.
  • Own your own data, interrogate it and report on it in a way that suits your organisation.
  • APIs link any other system you want allowing data to be transferred automatically and cutting down on time and errors. This includes linking to any third party system too.
  • Cloud hosting available
  • Flexible data entry allowing crews to freely navigate between sections and answer questions in any order
  • Geode address management saves you time and improves accuracy

IRS Plus Main Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Automated pre-population from your mobilising system
  • Integrated workflow
  • Validation rules for greater data accuracy
  • Time saving – increased accuracy and consistency

Delivered and proven

This incident recording system is used by more than half of all UK FRSs, and we continue to get great feedback from our customers. As well as this, we host annual customer user groups so our customers can provide valuable feedback on our products to influence the roadmap and, more importantly, feel part of IRS community team. Browse our customer quotes and use cases.

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