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Hi, welcome to 3tc Software! You’ve landed here from Google because they think that our patient transport software is just what you need– and they’re right. You might be here because you’re looking for a patient transport software that adapts to your needs. Or maybe you are wondering how patient transport software can help you to reduce costs and perform better. Whatever it is, we’re here to help. Find out more about our long-established patient transport software here or give us a call on 01455 826 400.

I want patient transport software that does the lot

Your organisation probably operates multiple charging structures, which can lead to complications and delays. Constantly having to open and close different programmes, to copy and paste information and to log in and out can be frustrating. That’s why our patient transport software is different. We can offer you a whole end to end solution. With our patient transport software you can plan patient journeys, manage bookings and even analyse your work – the whole lot, all in one!

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We are a busy organisation and need patient transport software that adapts to our needs

It can be confusing when there are many different buttons and endless lists of options on your screen, when all you want to do is your job as well as possible. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: Our patient transport software allows you to customise your display so you only see what you want and need to see. 3tc Software’s solution is a flexible patient transport software that can be configured to your needs and can be easily integrated into any existing systems.

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I’m looking for a patient transport software that is easy to use

Patient transport software is very complex. That is why we developed an intuitive system that is completely customisable. Modern icons help you to easily find and access all required functions. Now you can produce and analyse reports quickly and without much effort. Our software also offers an automatic patient journey scheduling module that allows you to easily plan all your patient journeys.

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My patient transport software should increase operational excellence

Not knowing where vehicles are and having to deal with late transport requests can have a negative impact on your performance because it causes delays and frustrations. That is why our patient transport software allows you to easily manage last minute transport requests and view all your vehicles on a map, showing their location and availability. No more delays, wasted journeys or unhappy patients.

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Is there a patient transport software that will help me to save money?

There is! With our patient transport software you can reduce staff numbers and the time employees spend on entering data whilst still maintaining or even increasing your productivity. You can also reduce journey costs by rationalising pick-ups and drop-offs. All in all, we have developed a patient transport software that helps you to use your resources more efficiently. Show everyone how well you are doing by using our software’s reporting function that allows you to measure and demonstrate all your KPIs in a clear and precise way.

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