All our software has been developed to achieve one aim – increase efficiency. We employ technical expertise to write software and design end to end systems but it’s integrating these into complex environments that truly separates us from others. Click on one of the product icons on the right to find out more.

Incident Recording

Simply puts the incident at the centre and links all other information to it.

Complete your DCLG requirements for every incident and link all other relevant data to that incident without the two things being interdependent.

You could search by incident and everything you need to know about would be at your fingertips. For example telematics data, video streaming of the incident.

And because efficiency is always our goal, we’ve also made a number of improvements to help you with incident recording management:

  • Automated reports – showing for example; the top 10 users who get rejected forms, the top 10 questions that get rejected (so that you can do some training around these questions or reword them) and the top 10 slowest users.
  • Bulk checking – selecting large numbers of incidents either by station, incident type etc and using our facility to check them all at once.
  • Random checking – data quality is still vital so being able to randomly check incidents makes sure bulk checking maintains data quality.
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Scheduling Software

Used by public and private ambulance services as well as local authorities, Meridian Command schedules and controls a fleet of resources to manage time critical transportation.

  • Automatic scheduling module to plan activity
  • Planning toolkit to plan future demand
  • Easy management of late transport requests
  • Reduce staff while maintaining productivity
  • Rationalise pick up and drop off journeys
  • 99.99% system uptime
  • Completely customisable
  • Simply interfaced into your existing systems
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Online Non-Emergency Bookings

Already successfully used by a number of private and public ambulance companies and delivering core cost savings.

  • Customers can make, amend or cancel their journeys.
  • Uses a secure portal with customers using their own user profile so always within the rules of their contract
  • No downtime – always available via the web portal.
  • Quick and easy to deploy – make savings instantly
  • Simple user interface, intuitive and easy to navigate.
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Mobile Software For Drivers

If your organisation manages multiple drivers and journeys, this software will help you be more efficient and save money.

  • Modern touch screen interface designed for road staff
  • Remote app management and upgrades
  • Embed your contact rules within the system and deliver KPI’s directly
  • Electronic delivery of work
  • Speedier, more accurate data transfers
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Address Matching

Used extensively by FRSs to cut down on address matching time and increase accuracy. Geode is simply an incredible piece of software that has the capacity to ignore spelling mistakes and come up with accurate matches.

Based on a completely new approach to location matching that overcomes all the weaknesses of previous techniques, Geode:

  • Works quickly, speed is a feature.
  • Makes it less stressful
  • Shortens how long the search process takes
  • Reduces the risk of incorrect matching
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Mobile Data

Ambulance and Fire Services use this software to ensure effective communication between control and vehicles on the move. Used internationally and by a third of UK FRSs, MODAS Professional leads its field:

  • Increase situational awareness en route to incidents and at the incident ground.
  • Integrate with other systems to streamline attendance times
  • Enhanced safety for fire crews
  • Location based info to facilitate allocation of resources
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fully auditable to protect crews and your FRS
  • Touch screen interface designed specifically for operational crews


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Command and Control

A full end to end control room solution.

Used by Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Services in the UK and internationally, Guardian Command is a state of the art, modern command and control system for emergency services control rooms.

This system is designed to enhance and streamline the way control rooms carry out their duties with a view to helping them do their job more effectively.

  • Easy construction of action plans
  • Pre-determined attendance and policy management
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Geode-effective and efficient address management
  • Resource response management
  • Incident management
  • Increased performance and efficiency
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Non-Emergency Transport Services

In times of constrained budgets, providers of ambulances, patient transport, local authorities, special needs, home to school transport and fleet logistic operators need to manage operations efficiently.

Scheduling and controlling the delivery of time critical transport must be optimised to ensure that you offer the best possible service for the lowest possible cost. We can help you do this and gain the competitive edge in winning new contracts, with Meridian.

Meridian is a suite of applications delivering operational efficiency through the use of integrated, real time communications and web applications.

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