Product Development

We develop software systems that we are proud of. These include command and control (C&C), mobile data, incident command and incident reporting systems. All our developers judge their output by how it will save the user time or money. If it doesn’t make our customers lives easier in some way, we don’t develop it.

We have invested circa £600K pa in product development in recent years demonstrating our commitment to continual innovation. We hold regular User Groups with our customers to get their feedback and build our product roadmaps (plus have a coffee and a catch up with them!).

As well as listening to what our customers want, we also keep our eye on the market and advances in technology that benefit other industries. We want to make sure our customers benefit from innovation wherever it originates and we employ forward thinkers to design solutions that benefit our users.

Product development is not just about adding on new bells and whistles however. Our team of experts also continually work on the technical architecture and user interfaces of our existing products in order to ensure they move forward. All of our software is designed on platforms that can be interfaced with existing systems because we believe that product development includes ensuring our product forms an integral part of a customers’ overall infrastructure. We don’t design in isolation.

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