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Hi, welcome to 3tc Software! You have landed here from Google because they think that IRS Plus is the incident recording system you are looking for – and they are right.

You might be here because you’re looking for an incident recording system that offers you customised questions and reports. Or maybe you are wondering how IRS Plus can help you to improve your decision making and increase your data accuracy. Whatever it is, we’re here to help.

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IRS Plus is very user friendly

When developing IRS Plus, we at 3tc Software ensured it is 100% user friendly. IRS Plus is built around the user experience, enabling you and your team to easily enter data.

By providing a user friendly interface we can guarantee you complete simplicity. Because IRS Plus is easy to use, your team will require less training, which will save your organisation time and money.

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IRS Plus provides you with bespoke questions

IRS Plus is completely customisable to your needs. We offer you the option to customise questions to suit your organisation, putting you in control. With IRS Plus you can add information that is relevant to your FRS as well as information you might require for specific initiatives.

You can also answer questions in the order that suits you best. Thus, IRS Plus provides you with complete flexibility.

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IRS Plus allows you to own your own data 

With IRS Plus you can record data in a way that suits you. The data you collect through IRS Plus is owned and controlled by you, both supporting CLG and your own unique reporting requirements.

Having total control over your data means that IRS Plus enables you to create your own customised reports.

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IRS Plus provides you with advanced reporting tools

Being able to create customised reports plays an important role when you want to improve your organisation’s decision making. That is why IRS Plus offers you the option to create customised reports, helping you to analyse your collected data appropriately and guaranteeing you accurate reporting.

Rapidly understand and monitor your organisation’s performance with IRS Plus and see how all your resources are utilised.

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IRS Plus can be integrated into all your current systems

IRS Plus is able to conduct geo-verification and map integration so you do not have to do it, ultimately saving you time and money.

Additionally, IRS Plus comes with an Application Programming Interface (API), allowing your organisation to integrate our system with all your current systems.

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